KNMF was chartered in 1991 to help homeless men, women and children (veterans and their families, and L.A.'s needy kids, in particular) throughout Los Angeles, the South Bay, and Harbor Cities.


Aiding more than 106,633 individuals since its beginning, KNMF has been honored by many distinguished individuals and organizations, including the Secretaries of the Departments of:

Veterans Affairs




Veteran Organizations


Governor of California

Mayor of Los Angeles

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- Conduct Stand Downs (Personal Care Days) for homeless veterans and other homeless men, women, and children living on the streets of Los Angeles. We distribute clothing, shoes, blankets, non-perishable food, hygiene supplies, gifts, toys and warm meals; as well as provide veterans with medical, dental, vaccines, legal, job training, employment, and transitional housing services and opportunities at these events.

- Coordinate with other homeless service providers to effectively get veterans off the streets, into jobs, and into homes offering social interaction and the encouragement needed to stay sober and off the streets.

- Arrange for medical and dental healthcare for formerly homeless veterans and men in continuum of care transitional housing with VA, UCLA Medical Center, and other healthcare providers.

- Distribute clothing, bedding, food, hygiene supplies, sports equipment and gifts to formerly homeless veterans and other needy persons working full-time and living in continuum of care transitional housing facilities.

- Provide legal aid for homeless and formerly homeless veterans at Personal Care Days and through referrals.

- Conduct Job Fairs and College/Trade School Fairs for all Veterans, including those in transitional housing and homeless veterans for entry into paid and non-paid trade training programs and for entry-level and career ladder employment.

- Provide Christmas and quarterly distributions of toys, school supplies, books, teaching aides and materials, games, sports equipment, new clothing to Los Angeles County needy children After School Literacy Programs and Hospitals.

- At Rolling Hills Preparatory School, KNMF arranges fully paid, competitive, scholarships for needy children, including children of formerly homeless veterans and other needy youth.

- Conduct shopping sprees and other entertainment events for needy children (including children of formerly homeless veterans) to distribute new personal-care items; including clothing, shoes, school supplies, and toys, sports equipment, games and learning materials to these unfortunate youngsters.

- Distribute clothing, bedding, toys, and hygiene supplies to women and children transitioning from shelters.

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- Because 10% of the nation's homeless can be found on the streets and the shelters of Los Angeles. On any given night, veterans make up 34% of this population. Another 26% are children. We believe they deserve better.

- To carry on the work begun by Kenny Nickelson who, prior to his death at age 23, had a commitment to help the homeless. From age 16, Kenny collected and distributed food, clothing, and blankets to L.A.'s homeless.

Kenny Nickelson
Photo of Kenny Nickelson
(Click image to enlarge)

Kenny was a very special young man
and will always be a part of KNMF
and the work done by KNMFs many volunteers.
To read more about Kenny,
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