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KNMF's Primary Mission... Delivered!

Stand Downs and Job/Trade School Fairs and Personal Care Days

From KNMF's distribution to 100 homeless persons in encampments on Christmas morning, to Stand Downs, Job/Trade School Fairs, and Personal Care Days, you too can help make a difference in the lives of those who have given so much.

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SLO Fair of Employers
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In 2009, KNMF aided 4,370.

In 2009, KNMF aided 4,370 homeless and formerly homeless veterans, needy children in After School Literacy Programs, and families in shelters. From 1991 to 2009, KNMF has provided services to 91,987. KNMF successfully addressed the needs of LAs homeless veterans, formerly homeless veterans, and needy children in After School Literacy Programs through Veterans Resource Fair's "Stand Down and Job/Trade School/College/Homeless Service Providers Fair" and Personal Care Days for Formerly Homeless Veterans held throughout the year and by providing Back to School Shopping Sprees, school supplies, teaching materials, equipment, and props, toys, and other provisions for needy kids and After School Literacy Programs and institutions.

The Veterans Resource Fair's and Personal Care Days held downtown Los Angeles and in San Luis Obispo County provided the basic essentials for homeless and formerly homeless veterans in continuum of care programs, including new clothing, shoes, linens, sleeping bags, hygiene supplies, meals, etc., but also provided links with transitional housing facilities, medical, legal, non-profit and gov't homeless service providers, job training, and employers. The one-stop shop approach not only provided services and care items needed, but unified students K-University levels, corporate, government, and veteran volunteers from throughout the County to help solve one of LAs biggest problems--homelessness. KNMF believes that partnering is the key to its success--our Partners, are comprised of people who believe that positive change is necessary to solve problems and to improve our communities.

Thanks for contributing to these events throughout the year! Have a blessed 2010!

Sincerely - Nick and Doris


Child Spree and Toy & Education Materials Distributions

KNMF will provide distributions of toys, education materials, sports equipment, and school supplies in 2010; however, will no longer conduct shopping sprees so that we can focus on Veteran events where the greatest need exists.

Click here to review acknowledgements from needy kids in After School Literacy Programs located downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, Wilmington, and other parts of the South Bay. (Click Here for a pdf version of that letter).


KNMF Programs in 2009 Serviced:

  • Beacon House (San Pedro)
  • Hawaiian Elementary (Wilmington)
  • International Elementary (Long Beach LB)
  • New Directions
  • Para Los Ninos Charter Elementary School
  • Para Los Ninos 6th Street School for Infants
  • Para Los Ninos Hamasaki Elementary School
  • Patrick Henry Elementary (LB)
  • Robinson Elementary (LB)
  • Stevenson Elementary (LB)
  • Whittier Elementary (LB)
  • USVETS (Inglewood)
  • UCLA Medical Center
  • USC Medical Center (General Hospital)
  • and Women's Shelters Downtown LA

Following are some of the photos taken from Child Spree. Needy students were selected from all Skid Row elementary schools downtown Los Angeles and all elementary schools in Long Beach After School Literacy Programs to participate at Child Spree! It was a great event.

Child Spree
Child Spree Child Spree
Child Spree Child Spree Child Spree
Child Spree
Child Spree Child Spree

November 28th Awards Ceremony and Open House




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